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Warranty Information


Maintenance & Extended Warranty

  • 90 day warranty on all items.
  • 1 year warranty on all refurbished servers
  • 1 & 3 year warranties available
  • Manufacturing maintenance eligible
  • Next day parts replacement

3rd Party Maintenance

  • Up to 50% savings
  • On-site maintenance
  • Help-desk coverage
  • Multiple coverage packages
  • Hot Spare Self-Maintenance


New PSDS workstations and servers carry a two-year warranty on hardware manufactured and assembled by PSDS, including all components originally shipped in the computer chassis, the keyboard, mouse and monitor.  New motherboards, peripherals, and RAID subsystems carry a one-year warranty.  Refurbished products carry a 30-day warranty, unless otherwise specified in writing.  This warranty covers the original customer and is not transferable.  Any claims under this warranty are non- transferable and products returned under warranty support must be received by PSDS before the warranty period has expired. 

This warranty does not cover systems manufactured by third parties such as HP, IBM, Sun, Overland Storage, Quantum/ATL, HDS, and EMC -  these are covered by the third-party system manufacturers.  Check with a PSDS sales representative for details on specific systems.  During the warranty period, PSDS will, at its sole discretion repair or replace any covered part that is determined by PSDS to be defective in materials or workmanship.  PSDS reserves the right to substitute functionally equivalent new or serviceable used parts.  The responsibility of PSDS is limited to repair or replacement, which may be chosen by PSDS at its sole discretion.  PSDS pays incoming/outgoing freight on complete systems only that are returned for service during the first 90 days from the invoice date.  After 90 days PSDS will return products under warranty via the same shipping method by which it was shipped to PSDS.  Customer is responsible for incoming shipping charges after 90 days. 


PSDS warranty does not cover the following items and the customer may be charged for services related to correcting them at the PSDS current labor rate: 
Failure of hardware not provided by PSDS;
System failure or malfunction due to customer-installed hardware or software;
Software malfunction, software bugs, file corruption, or software virus;
Loss of Customer data;
Damage caused during shipments to PSDS. 

Damage caused by power failure or surges, lightning, static electricity, fire, flood, chemical damage, past damage, misuse, excessive heat or dust, overclocking, accidents, acts of God, actions of third parties and other events outside of PSDS reasonable contact, or not arising under normal operating conditions.


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  • Lower capital costs
  • Increase current system longevity
  • New product performance doesn't justify purchasing new
  • Low cost hot spares for mission critical systems
  • Compatibility with existing systems is a known entity
  • Familiarity with existing hardware means simplified deployment
  • Reliability is a known factor
  • Immediate availability, especially of spare parts
  • No training costs or learning curves
  • Higher ROI

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