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Tru64 UNIX Clusters

HP TruCluster Server version 5.1B-4 for HP Tru64 UNIX version 5.1B-4 provides highly available and scalable solutions for mission-critical computing environments.  TruCluster Server delivers powerful but easy-to-use UNIX clustering capabilities, allowing AlphaServer systems and storage devices to operate as a single virtual system.

By combining the advantages of symmetric multiprocessing (SMP), distributed computing and fault resilience, a cluster running TruCluster Server offers high availability while providing scalability beyond the limits of a single system.  On a single-system server, a hardware or software failure can severely disrupt client access to critical services.  In a TruCluster Server cluster, a hardware or software failure on one member system results in the other members providing these services to clients.

TruCluster Server reduces the effort and complexity of cluster administration by extending single-system management capabilities to clusters.  It provides a cluster-wide namespace for files and directories, including a single root file system that all cluster members share.  A common cluster address (cluster alias) for the Internet protocol suite (TCP/IP) makes the cluster appear as a single system to its network clients while load balancing client connections across member systems.

A single system image (SSI) allows a cluster to be managed more easily than distributed systems.  TruCluster Server cluster members share a single root file system and common system configuration files, therefore most management tasks need to be done only once for the entire cluster rather than repeatedly for each cluster member.  The cluster can be managed either locally from any of its members or remotely using Tru64 UNIX Web-based management tools.  Tru64 UNIX and TruCluster Server software and applications are installed only once.  Most network applications, such as the Secure Web server, need to be configured only once in the cluster and can be managed more easily in a cluster than on distributed systems.

Contact a PSDS sales engineer if you would like more information on clustering technology, assistance in clustering configurations and information on system availability, lead times and pricing.



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