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OpenVMS Clusters

PSDS has been providing advanced clustering solutions since Digital's OpenVMS Clustering technology matured in the late 1980s.  HP OpenVMS has always been known as a pioneering environment for high availability.  This reputation dates back to the origins of OpenVMS more than 25 years ago.  One of the most profound innovations for OpenVMS was the development of clusters.  Qualified for up to 96 computer nodes and more than 3000 processors, OpenVMS clusters afford virtually 100% uptime and expand the multiprocessing capabilities of the computing environment.

HP OpenVMS Cluster software is an integral part of the OpenVMS operating system, providing the basis for many of the key capabilities utilized by OpenVMS enterprise solutions.  A full "shared everything" cluster design that has been in existence for more than 20 years, OpenVMS Cluster software allows for the maximum in expandability, scalability, and availability for mission-critical applications.  A key enabler of the OpenVMS role in the Adaptive Enterprise, OpenVMS Cluster software has been an industry bellwether technology for enterprise environments that must adapt to growth and change over time.  These capabilities also make the total cost of ownership (TCO) for an OpenVMS application environment extremely attractive.

What is an OpenVMS Cluster?
An HP OpenVMS Cluster is a highly integrated organization of VAX and HP AlphaServer system—or AlphaServer and HP Integrity server system applications, operating systems and storage devices.  These systems can be connected to each other and storage components in a variety of ways, depending on the needs of your business.
OpenVMS Cluster systems give you the ultimate in a highly available, scalable and flexible computing environment.  The cluster also allows you to connect systems of all sizes and capacities and achieve an easy-to manage, single virtual system.   The inherent capabilities of OpenVMS clustering allow systems to be connected at distances from just a few inches up to 500 miles apart.

Contact a PSDS sales engineer if you would like more information on clustering technology, assistance in clustering configurations and information on system availability, lead times and pricing.


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