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Compaq TL891 Automated DLT Tape Library Solution (White)

High-Capacity Unattended Backup and Restore

The TL891 can provide years of fully automated operation for backup, save and restore, and hierarchical storage management of critical data when coupled with a wide array of qualified industry-standard backup applications.

The TL891 is offered as a standalone tabletop unit or as a scalable / stackable rack mount unit, with a removable 10 cartridge magazine, and integral bar code reader and either one or two Compaq DLT 35/70 drives.

Capacity, Performance and Scalability

The TL891 is built on a modular concept, offering unparalleled scalability and the ability to custom configure a rack mount solution to meet specific performance and capacity requirements. The TL891 product solution is based on three distinct modules: the TL891 MiniLibrary Base Unit, the MiniLibrary Expansion Unit, and the MiniLibrary Data Unit. The TL891 solution can be configured as a single device or a multi-module device, using up to (6) six modules in a single rack configuration.

TL891 MiniLibrary Base Unit

The TL891 base unit can support up to two DLT 35/70 drives, offering up to 10 MB/s of native performance. With 10 data cartridges, the TL891 base unit offers 700 GB of compressed storage capacity in a small 4U height.

  • Microsoft® Windows®
  • Linux
  • HP-UX
  • Tru64
  • OpenVMS
  • NOTE: Please visit for the latest compatibility information.

Drive Technology

DLT 35/70

Number of Drives

1 or 2

Number of Slots


Drive Interface

Fast Wide Differential, SCSI-2, 68HD

Capacity Native

350 GB

Maximum Transfer Rate

5 MB/s per drive

Form Factor

4U Rack-mount

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