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AlphaServer ES80

With up to eight Alpha 1GHz or 1.15GHz EV7 processors, the HP AlphaServer ES80 system is ideal for building your departmental-level environment, especially when you demand absolute, flat-out application and database performance.  Available as a scalable 2-, 4-, 6- or 8-processor rack system, the AlphaServer ES80 system packs an amazing amount of power and headroom into a small footprint.

Whether you have a commercial infrastructure to build, digital special effects software to master, mountains of databases to sift through or need application performance that goes beyond everything else available today, think AlphaServer ES80 systems.

alt Features
Choice of 2 (up to 8) Alpha 1GHz (or 1.15GHz) EV7 processors
1.75MB ECC on-chip L2 cache, 7-way set associative
Up to 64GB (8GB/processor) Memory; RAID Memory optional
Up to 52 PCI-X slots, 12 PCI slots, 8 AGP 4X slots
Up to 24.5GB/s I/O bandwidth
Up to 4 system hard partitions
Choice of Tru64 UNIX, OpenVMS or no OS installed
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System Pricing
Please select our base model or use our AlphaServers Quote form to order or to specify other options and get pricing.  Call us to ask advice from a PSDS Sales Engineer.

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