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AlphaServer ES40 Tru64 Unix 500MHz - DA-62AAA-CA

Tru64 UNIX Operating System

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AlphaServer ES40 system

For your mission-critical enterprise applications

The new-generation Compaq AlphaServerTM ES40 system meets the growing enterprise's need for mainframe-size speed, power and performance-at a midrange server price. The AlphaSrver ES40 is capable of handling the toughest jobs at stunning speeds. The modular AlphaServer ES40 system delivers dependable support for crucial, resource intensive e-business and database applications.

The AlphaServer ES40 system provides the high performance and dependability required for the most demanding enterprise environments, and is the ideal choice for rigorous e-business telecom and High Performance Technical Computing (HPTC) applications.

The AlphaServer Es40 systems enable companies to leverage their equipment investments with a seamless path to memory, storage and performance upgrades. For complex technical computing applications that demand mainframe performance in a smaller footprint and lower cost, the Compaq AlphaServer ES40 system does it all, and does it better than ever thought possible in a four-processor solution.

The AlphaServer supports up to four 833 MHz Alpha EV68 or 667 MHz EV67 64-bit processors handle the toughest jobs at stunning speeds, while 8 MB Dual Data Rate cache doubles cache size and bandwidth.

Reliability features for the AlphaServer ES40 include hot-swap RAID storage, advanced clustering support, and redundant hot-swap power and cooling system.

CPU Upgrades, Memory, Disk Drives and other add-on options are also available through their linked pages.

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500MHz processor
9GB Disk with SCSI Controller
10/100 Ethernet Adapter
Tru64 UNIX Operating System

Model #: DA-62AAA-CA 
512MB Ram - Call for Pricing

  • Up to four AlphaServer ES40 processors, with your choice of
    • 833 MHz processors with 8 MB L2 Dual Data Rate cache
    • 667 MHz processors with 8 MB L2 Dual Data Rate cache
    • 500 MHz Process or with 4 MB L2
  • Up to 32 GB of ECC memory, to dramatically accelerate database applications
  • Advanced 5.2 GB/sec memory cross-bar switch architecture for fast, consistent application response times
  • Dual 256-bit data path, with new crossbar-switch architecture providing 5.2 GBps bandwidth
  • 6 to 10 64-bit PCI I/O expansion slots
  • Tru64 UNIX, OpenVMS and Linux support

Choice of Tru64 UNIX, OpenVMS or no OS installed

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