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Compaq AlphaServer DS25 Series

When you need high-performance computing for business and telecommunications applications at a price you can afford, the HP AlphaServer DS25 systems are the ideal fit.   Powered by up to two 68/833 MHz or 67/667 MHz AlphaServer 64-bit processors, the AlphaServer DS25 system outperforms many 4-processor systems, yet comes in a space-saving 5U package with the price tag of a departmental server.

Excellent for Internet, telecommunications, and other demanding applications because of its high availability features, including hot swap drives and fans, dual power supplies (with an optional third), and clustering support.

The AlphaServer DS25 systems are balances performance and reliability features along with fast processors, large memory capacity, high memory bandwidth, and superior I/O. And when you deploy OpenVMS or Tru64 UNIX clusters, you get ultra-high availability with flexible and cost-effective management.

NOTE: If you desire a custom configuration of a HP Compaq AlphaServer DS25 please see Product Options tab on the individial server page or call your representative at 866-857-0710. Or, email us at:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

AlphaServer DS25 1GHz

Part Number Processor Speed Operating System Memory Price
PSDS AlphaServer DS25 DH-57AAB-AA 1 GHz No OS 2 GB Call for Pricing
PSDS AlphaServer DS25 DA-57AAB-AA 1 GHz Tru64 UNIX 2 GB Call for Pricing
PSDS AlphaServer DS25 DY-57AAB-AA 1 GHz OpenVMS 2 GB Call for Pricing

The HP Compaq AlphaServer DS25 Provides big system capacity and high performance at a small system price. The DS25 is for Internet and telecom service providers or any demanding computing environment. The AlphaServer DS25 is powered by a single 677Mhz or 833MHz AlphaServer 64-bit processor running Tru64 UNIX, OpenVMS, or Linux.

The HP Compaq AlphaServer DS25 includes advanced crossbar-switch architecture capable of 128-bit wide, 1.3 GB/sec peak bandwidth. Along with 5U rack-and-stack configuration, remote server management, and support for hp's advanced clustering technology.

NOTE: If you desire a custom configuration of a HP Compaq AlphaServer DS25 please see Product Options tab or call your representative at 866-857-0710. Or, email us at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Please use our AlphaServer Quote form to order or to specify other options and get pricing. Contact Us to ask advice from a PSDS Sales Engineer.

    HP Compaq AlphaServer DS25 Advantages:
  • Alpha 21264C 1000-MHz processor (dual processor capability) with 8-MB L2 Dual Data Rate cache
  • ECC-protected memory bus and cache
  • Minimum 512-MB, expandable to 16 GB using 512-MB, 1-GB, 2-GB, and 4-GB options
  • Six 64-bit PCI I/O expansion slots
  • Six hot swap hard disk drive bays
  • Internal mass storage capacity up to 872 GB
  • Integrated dual Ultra3 SCSI adapter
  • Integrated dual Ethernet (10/100 and 10/100/1000) adapters
  • Two 500-Watt hot pluggable power supplies with optional third for N+1 redundancy
  • DVD-ROM/CD-R Combo drive


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