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AlphaServer DS20 500MHz w/OpenVMS- DY-55NJA-DA

OpenVMS Operating System

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AlphaServer DS20

The AlphaServer DS20 provides powerful computing at a great price. The AlphaServer DS20 runs up to two Alpha 21264 500MHz 64-bit processors. Boosted by dual processors and high-speed memory access, the AlphaServer DS20 gives you industry-leading performance at a reasonable price.

Single 500MHz processor
512MB Memory
SCSI Controller
9GB UWide SCSI Disks
10/100 Ethernet Adapter


Up to two Alpha 21264 500MHz processors
Up to 4GB memory
5.3GB/sec peak memory bandwidth
Choice of Tru64 UNIX, OpenVMS or no OS installed


CPU Upgrades, Memory, Disk Drives and other add-on options are also available through their linked pages.

Please use our AlphaServers Quote form to order or to specify other options and get pricing. Contact Us to ask advice from a PSDS Sales Engineer.

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